New PR agency Befirm helps companies credibly communicate their financial information

Companies increasingly recognise the importance of transparent communication of their financial or business news

The Bepublic Group will add a third specialized PR agency, Befirm. This new player will mainly focus on companies that need strong financial communication. This can range from relaying its annual results or launching a new fund to announcing takeovers and restructurings. The objective is not only to communicate the sometimes static and complex information in a clear and newsworthy fashion, but to also emphasise the social impact for numerous companies, both domestically and internationally. In addition to Befirm, the Bepublic Group also manages the PR agencies Bepublic and Bereal.

In recent years, the PR agencies Bepublic and Bereal have quickly risen to the top of the Belgian PR landscape and have shaped the communications of many Benelux companies. From the outset, Bepublic has catered to a wide range of companies and sectors, while Bereal focuses specifically on the real estate sector. With Befirm, founders Jeroen Wils and Dajo Hermans will once again focus on one specific niche: the financial sector. 

"Financial communication has in recent years evolved from a legal requirement into an important strategic part of corporate communication. In that respect, companies are increasingly in need of transparent and clear communication of their operating results or other financial information. This is exactly what we want to support them in, both in terms of internal and external communication".
Dajo Hermans, managing director Bepublic Group

Corporate reputation

Years ago, the Bepublic Group, which has been part of the Mediafin media group since 2018, introduced its own journalistic approach to the PR landscape. With an eye for newsworthiness, relevant stories and expertise, it credibly builds the reputation of companies. 

"With our approach we not only communicate in a clear and newsworthy fashion, we also emphasize the social impact of many companies. In 2020, the business community is doing more than just making a profit; it is becoming increasingly aware that the social story also ought to be told, both for the outside world and for the people who work there day in and day out".
Jeroen Wils, managing director Bepublic Group 


Befirm believes that strong financial communication is much more than simply writing press releases. Befirm is equally committed to offering enlightening opinion pieces by CEOs or experts, news videos, personal branding, reputation and stakeholder analyses, training courses, crisis communication, etc. 

Befirm today consists of a team of media professionals and former journalists, who have years of experience in financial PR and communication. They understand the language of CFOs and know how to translate it correctly for a broader audience. This new PR agency is already working for a number of large asset managers. But insurance companies such as Hiscox or fintechs such as iBanFirst are also among its prominent clients. This demonstrates that Befirm is not only focusing on the Belgian business community, but is also playing a role internationally. 

The other PR agencies of the Bepublic Group, Bepublic and Bereal, are today also working for many prominent companies, such as Telenet, Eneco, Facebook, ERA, Montea, etc. More information about Befirm can be found at .

Dajo Hermans

Managing Director

Jeroen Wils

Managing Director

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About Befirm

Befirm is part of the Belgian PR and strategic communications agency Bepublic Group and specialises in financial and corporate communications. Befirm’s senior consultants help define the external communication strategies and reputation management of dozens of national and international financial players and stock listed corporations in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Befirm is part of Bepublic Group along with Bepublic, Bereal and Beready. Find out all about the PR and strategic communications agency at